This menu is intended to be an adventure through modern Southeast Asian America, influenced by shared experiences, the realization of past colonialism, and an appreciation of moving forward as one. Emphasis is placed on simplicity, fresh ingredients, an understanding of history and why dishes are the way they are, and not being constrained by traditionalism.
Chuan Tsay
Executive Chef in Residency
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plátano (gf, vg)

carrot, cinnamon

crispy rice (gf, v)

garden herb, chili, peanut & nuoc mam on side

patatas (gf, v)

fingerling, nori, honey, sesame, jeow aioli

shishito (gf, vg)

nori, sesame

laab (gf, vg)

tofu, garden herb, shallot, peanut & nuoc mam on side

pâté (gf, vg)

cremini, sunflower, fig, baguette

queso (gf, v)

chihuahua cheese, esquites

wild enoki (gf, vg)

fried, jeow aioli (v)

congee (gf)

pho-inspired broth, chicken, egg, chili oil

oyster (raw)

nam prik pao, shallot

fried oyster

jeow aioli, panko

eggplant (gf, vg)


wing (gf)

nuoc mam, peanut, cilantro

wing (gf)

nuoc mam, peanut, cilantro


spatchcock, lemongrass, charcoal


panza, sweet soy, puré de patatas

purple rice & berry compote (gf, v)

sweet milk, local daily harvest

crème brûlée (v)

corn, scallion